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Introduce your website

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If you have a full content Website, all that means nothing at all if no one knows. You must introduce your Website on the Internet first.


Promotion is an activity that must do to introduce a Website. Many ways you can do to make your campaign, with brochures, advertisements in newspapers, on TV ads, with business cards, and others. This paper wills explains how to do promotion via Internet.

Promotions without Cost

One way to promote your Website at no cost is to register it on the Search Engines. The three largest search engine today is www.yahoo.com, www.google.com, and www.msn.net. Another way is to advertise the Website through free advertising service providers such as www.inetgiant.com, www.trafficdigger.com, www.adleaf.com, and others that you can search on Google with keyword "free advertising".

Promotion with cost

Register free your Website to search engines like Yahoo and Google described above takes time that cannot expected to immediately indexed, sometimes within hours, sometimes a day, three days a week, even in a month.

The fastest way to promote your Website and instantly indexed in search engine is to use advertising service owned by by Yahoo (Yahoo Search Marketing) or Google (Google Adwords).

Advantages of using paid advertising service is your Website will be able to more quickly indexed into a search engine, also can be directed to specific locations and customers in accordance with the content of the Website.